Welcome to my personal finance and investment blog!

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My name is Oliver and I created this blog just to write and to help people learn about investing!

You may ask:

Why?   –  There are so many sites about investment out there! 

You’re absolutely right! And that’s my answer.

I created this blog just because of all the websites about finance and investing. You can find so many informations, so many strategies about investing on the internet that one really doesn’t know which one are helpful and which are scam. You can find hundreds of thousands of advisors who promise you the fast money by just following their strategy. The most are newbies on the investment market with little or no experience. They don’t want to help you making money, they want YOUR money!

It’s important to me to provide every private investor with information about finance and investing which is useful, easy to apply and promising.

When I start investing more than 25 years ago, it was difficult enough to find the right strategy that helps to build a fortune. Becoming financially free wasn’t as popular as it is today. But nowadays it is much more difficult to find the right answers about investing. Information is huge and many are nothing but a waste of time.

Investing successfully is not as difficult as it seems and with the right information and strategy everyone is able to build a fortune.

“But this is what all the others are saying, too!” you may say. “So, why should I believe you? Why should I think, you’re right?”

You’re again absolutely right. And you really should be cautious. Just as I was when I started investing 1990 and during the past 25 years.

First of all, I think, I’m right, because I know what I’m talking about. I started building my own fortune over 25 years ago. I bought my first shares in 1990 at the age of 18 and I still held them. I started when I still went to school and learned investing the hard way, with little information, mostly by trial and error. I invested in bull markets and also had to stand crashes like the dotcom bubble or the subprime crises. I am still a private investor who only invests his wife’s and his own money. I’m not a Wall Street guy. I’m just like you!

Second, I’m talking about strategies and investing views the most successful investors in the world apply: Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, Joel Greenblatt, Howard Marks, Peter Lynch, Philip Fisher, etc.

You see, I learned from the best and I want to help you to learn from them, too.

In this blog I will talk about what I learned and experienced. I will try to provide you with helpful information about finance and investing. And I will try to make it as easy as possible so that you’re able to apply what you read and learned. I hope, you will not only learn to invest more successful, but also to distinguish good from bad investing information!

Just join me and have fun!

About my investment vita:


I discovered my passion for the stock market at the age of 16 and have been active as a private investor for more than 25 years.He bought my first shares 1990 at the age of 18 for 200 DM. I still own them.

From the very beginning, I only manage my own portfolio and that of my family. I have deliberately decided not to manage the money of other people. Thus, as an exclusive private investor, I enjoy the absolute freedom in my investment decisions.

I studied business management, politics and history in Lüneburg, Mannheim and Frankfurt.

I’ve tried a lot, have earned and lost money. I’ve acted wrong in the market, and tried to learn from my mistakes. I lost money in the dotcom bubble by doing what everyone else was doing and I made money right after the subprime crises by following the principles I learned from the successful value investors and swimming against the tide. Knowledge and patience became the keys to my own success.