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Valuing Companies – Three ways

Valuing a company is one of the most important tasks an investor has to solve. Buying an overpriced business all too often leads to massive losses. But how to value a company? (Watch the VLOG) Valuing a company is difficult and associated with a lot of work. When I’m sneaking around social media and read about investments young investors make, …

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Benchmark – Forget it!

It’s like a disease. To get a notion about ones investment success, many want to know if he was better than his benchmark. But I tell you what. Forget the benchmark! The benchmark doesn’t decide on your investment success. I’ve never understood why so many people equals investment success with beating a benchmark. I’m not investing on the stock market to …

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How I lost 98% of my Investment!

No-one wants to lose money. It is tough and painful to see your hard earned money shrivel away. When investing, you want your money grow. You want high returns and sometimes you want to be better than the others. But it can also be different – very different! Then you are firmly convinced about making the big money, but in fact you …

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Investor or Speculator – What are you?

All too often people believe they are investing while they are actually speculating. Being an investor or speculator is different and everyone should know what he is or wants to be. His strategy and success depends on it. Being an investor or speculator is more important than people may believe. And to know what you are is even more important, because …

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Foot Locker – Why I bought in October and sold in January!

Sometimes you will come across something by coincidence and you were happy that it happened. That’s exactly what happened to me with Foot Locker! – My personal review! Investing in stocks is really exciting. Although most of the time it can be very “boring”, especially when you’re following a strategy like mine. I’m not buying very often. I’m searching for …

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Successful investing for ordinary people – Is it possible?

Not everybody is convinced that investing on your own by choosing individual stocks could be successful for ordinary people. I’m of a different opinion. Today, I tell you why! When you’re young and at the beginning of your investment career, you’re enthusiastic and maybe driven by the wish to become rich for whatever reason. You start to read and learn …

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Why do most fund managers underperform?

Most fund managers don’t beat the market. Are they lousy investors? Or do you have to be extraordinary to beat the market? I don’t believe it. And you shouldn’t believe it either. Because you want to beat the market. I’m a stock picker, you know that already. And I’m a kind of value investor, too. Nothing new for you, I …

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Value and Price – Are they both the same?

People tend to express value by a price that we’re willing to pay. Therefore many, if not the most, people equate price and value. But are both really the same? Recently I had a really nice conversation about investing. During our little chat we came to Bitcoin mining and crypto trading and to the question, why investors aren’t very interested in …

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Selling Stocks – When is the right Time?

Selling stocks is at least as hard as buying them. For me, it’s like giving up a good friend. But that’s emotional. What about rational reasons? Although not as difficult as constructing a rocket, buying stocks reasonably needs some work to be done. I talk about this in my post “How do I find a stock to invest in?”. When you …

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The Advantage of small Investors

Many professional advisors as well as many private investors are of the opinion that an average investor has no chance to beat the market. Rather, he will perform worse than the market just because of his background. But is this really true? Or do they have an advantage? People who read my latest posts know that I love to invest in …