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It’s about Percentage, stupid!

Many people are willing to save money and invest it. But they all too often believe that they haven’t enough money to do it and therefore is not worth it. But that’s not true. Here’s why! In February I wrote in my article “Should I invest in stocks with little money?” that you should and I explained, why I think so. …

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Investing Principles

Reason – The Power of investing sensibly

Investing sensible or as Benjamin Graham says, investing intelligently is a central aspect for value investors. The power of reason is huge and using it well, can increase your success tremendously. Many people believe, investing successfully has a lot to do with luck. Especially many average private investors are convinced about the great influence of luck when investing. That’s why they …

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Investing Principles

Daily Share Prices – Ignore them!

The market share prices are largely irrelevant and it has absolutely not the importance many people attach to it. Today, I want to give you an insight into an aspect that I call the “Secret of Ignoring”, one part of my “Secrets of Intelligent Investing”. I want to talk about ignoring the daily share prices. Ignorance is actually a negatively …

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Investing Principles

Real Estate or Shares – What’s the better investment?

I’m investing in companies. I own real estate, too. But participating in the success of companies is more profitable and the best way to build a fortune, especially for the average private investor. In today’s post, I’ll tell, why I’m right. I’m from Germany, a country where people don’t trust the stock market. Germans believe that the stock market is …

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Financial Market

Passive Investing – Howard Marks latest memo

In his latest memo, Howard Marks is talking about investing without people. The memo is quite interesting and I recommend it to every investor. It covers three ways of investing without people. To the first one I want to dedicate some attention in my today’s blog post – ETFs and passive investing. Passive investing, in particular ETFs are very popular these …

Investing Principles

Wait – The Power of doing nothing

The financial markets are places of tremendous activities. Everyday billions of dollars are changing from one hand to another, always hoping to get a decent return. But for an investor doing nothing most of the time and just wait promises the best returns. In my last weeks blog post, I talked about an essential investors virtue: discipline. Being disciplined and sticking to …

Investing Principles

Discipline – essential to be successful

Discipline is an investors virtue which is absolutely indispensable if you want to be successful on the financial market. Although easy said, being disciplined facing the market emotions is really tough. In my today’s post, I want to talk about – who would have thought – DISCIPLINE. Discipline is one of the investors virtues I think every successful investor has to make his …

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Value Investing

Dialog Semiconductor – a purchase or not?

Periodically, I run through my portfolio and watch list keeping the figures up to date and thinking about changes that may have occurred during the last month. Recently, I took a deeper look at Dialog Semiconductor. Being an investor, even a private one, requires some work from time to time. As you know from my other articles, I’m absolutely no …

Investing Principles

How to Control your Emotions

The financial market is a place of emotions. Greed and fear mostly determine the actions of its participants. But acting on emotions is the worst you can do, if you want to invest successfully over the long run. So, the question is, how can you control your emotions? We’re all human. At least, I hope so. And being human means having …